Cast iron alloys for use in low and high-temperature environments, and alloys with high vibration tolerance or low expansion coefficients.
Brone Alloy.
Other types of special-purpose alloys.
For precision tool-making materials
Materials for precision cutting, grinding and testing machinery
Materials for semi-conductor production equipment
High-Frequency Induction Furnace
Furan No-Bake Molding System
Sand Screening Machine
Wet Sand Moulding
Full Line Dust Collecting Equipment
Mold-making equipment for resin shell molds
High-strength alloys cast iron
Nodular graphite (Ductile) Cast iron
Austempered Ductile iron
Cast stainless, Cast alloy steel
Parts for Automobile
Parts for Valves & Pumps
Parts for Industrical Machinery
Parts for Machine Tool
Moulds for Glass Industries
C.E Tester
Spark Spectrometer
Universal tensile Strength Tester
Metallurgical Microscope
Hardness tester
Immersion type thermometers
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Non-Destructive Nodularit
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